Acrylic Full Set
Acrylic Fill in
Extra Gel polish over Acrylic
Full set White Tip
Full set Pink & White
Pink fill
Full set Ombre
Dipping Powder Color
Dipping Powder Ombre
Shape others than square, round, oval
$5 +


1.Classic Manicure

Nails,trim shape and cuticles care,arms &hands are massaged followed by hot steamed towel and finished off with nails polish

2.Signature Manicure

Includes basic manicure with the tropical sugar scrub delicately exfoliate the dead, dried skin

3.Deluxe manicure

Treatment includes basic manicure followed with OPI organic crystal sugar scrub exfoliation, hydrate your hand skin mask wrap with hot steamed towels and moisturized with a massage .and choice of polish.

4.Organic luxury Manicure

Nails and cuticles are groomed to your liking.every step of Deluxe manicure is performed followed with warm paraffin wax dip to help to leave your skin soft and smooth.

5.Gel Manicure


Gel Polish
1.Classic Pedicure

Relax your feet in a spearmint sea salt soak .Nails & cuticles are groomed to your liking ,heels and calluses are tended to .Legs and feet are exfoliated with sea salt scrub followed by relaxing massage .finish off with hot steamed towel and polish of your choice.

2.Signature Pedicure

Soak your feet in a spearmint foot soak Basic pedicure grooming is performed followed by an exfoliating sea salt, a tropical exfoliating sugar scrub.Then relax with a massage using lavender lotion and finish off with a hot steamed towel, polish of your choice.leaving your legs feeling refreshed and smooth leaving the salon.

3.Deluxe Pedicure

Soak your feet in a minty soak classic pedicure is performed..Enjoy two steps of exfoliation (Honey glow )and organic crystal sugar scrub delicately exfoliate dried and dead skin cells. Followed by revitalizing mask la soothe to purify your feet.A hot steamed towel will be used to remove the masque.Relax your self with essential massage using lotion and cooling gel.Top of the pedicure with polish.Leave the salon feeling refreshed and revitalized. choice of organic sugar scrub.Green tea,Orange,Milk

4. Voesh Deluxe Pedicure

VOESH is a collection of four-step treatment that enriched with key ingredients to give your feet the nutrition it needs. Begin with a fresh and natural sea salt foot soak. Basic pedicure is performed, followed by an exfoliating moisturizing sugar scrub. Then the Mud Masque with steamed towels will be wrapped on your legs, and your feet will be dipped in paraffin wax. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage lotion to relieve tired and achy feet. VOESH packages offer a variety of refreshing aroma: Lavender Relieve, Cucumber Fresh, Olive Sensation, Green Tea, Chocolate Love, Tangerine Twist, Jasmine Soothe, Vitamin Recharge.


5.Jelly Spa Pedicure

Indulge yourself with this popular pedicure and have everyone "jelly"! Relax you feet in a fun,heat therapy jelly bath soak that acts as a burst of hydration for dry and tired skin.Jelly soak will naturally exfoliate and moisturize..Basic pedicure is performed legs and feet are exfoliated with sea salt and sugar scrub followed by revitalizing mask la soothe.a hot steamed towel will be used to remove the masque and your feet will be dipped in a paraffin hot wax.finish off with polish of your choice. Great treat for tired feet.

6.Milk & Honey spa Pedicure

Sweet retreat for the feet! soak your feet in a warm milk and honey foot soak.A basic pedicure is performed followed by a nice exfoliation mix from Milk & honey will be rubbed on your legs and feet to remove dried,dead skin cells..A deep moisturizing masque wrapped with hot steamed towel will leave you silky smooth.then relax massage using real milk and honey intense hydrating body butter.finish off with a paraffin wax dip to help blood circulation.Treatment leaving your feet feeling sensational.

7.Pomegranate Spa Pedicure

This fruity, crisp spa indulgence will beautifully soothe your skin and boldly stimulate your senses!This truly exotic experience pairs the potent anti-oxidant pomegranate and lime.relax your feet in an invigorating pomegranate and fig foot soak, basic pedicure grooming is performed, an exfoliating pomegranate and fig sugar scrub followed by a refreshing moisture mud mask wrapped up in hot towels.Pomegranate and fit butter will be used to massage your legs and feet then heated stone massage which relieves tension and benefits your blood circulation .last but not least, dip your feet in a warm paraffin wax .provide skin smoothness and elasticity.

8.Volcano Organic Luxury Pedicure

Treat yourself with our premium service pedicure is a luxurious 5 steps pedicure kit. This pedicure is an upgrade of the deluxe pedicure and a total package for pampering day spa. Relax with Detox Volcano crystal & Activator combine to create an invigorating, detoxing experience with fun bubble explosions foot soak Then Volcano crystal sugar scrub exfoliation. Nails and cuticles are groomed to your liking heels and calluses are tended to. Complete with rejuvenate hydrates collagen moisture mask with steamed towel wrapped, paraffin wax dipped. Followed by luxury organic collagen lotion to help repair dry skin. This pedicure also offers an exclusive advantage of heated stone massage Last but not least finish off with a hydrating collagen socks treatment. Leaving your legs and feet feeling smooth with exfoliation, detoxifying and replenishing through a relaxing journey of nature.

Package Choices: Honey Pearl, Green Tea & Aloe Vera, Lavender Eruption, Romance, Orange



Pedicure & Manicure (Combo)

KID'S MENU (Ages 11& under)

Kid manicure (included 2 nails design)
Pedicure (included 2 nails design)
Pedicure Manicure (Combo)


$30 & Up
Whole Back
$45 & up
Full Legs
$45 +
Half Legs
Full Arms
Half Arms
Under Arms


Nail Art (Two fingers)
Takeoff Acrylic / Dip Powder
Repair Acrylic
Structure Gel
Polish change on Hand
Polish change on Feet
Gel Polish change on Acrylic
Gel Polish change Hand
Gel Polish change Feet
Hot stone
Length add on Dip
Paraffin wax on Feet
Paraffin wax on Hand